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Carlos Coronado Maleno

DevOps Barcelona 2019 – Día 2

Carlos Coronado 5 - junio - 2019 Sin comentarios

Hoy ha sido un día un poco más flojo pero seguimos aprendiendo!

1. SMART ethics

Paula Julve Andía – HolaLuz

In the fastest-paced environments, where we’re asked to deliver features as quickly as we can think of them, it’s not easy to take a step back, stop for a minute and pause to consider the ethical implications of what we’re doing.

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2. Orchestrating mobile app releases

Alejandro Rodríguez Salamanca – Shopify

In this talk, I’ll explain how my team built a continuous integration (CI) system for our mobile apps (Android and iOS), and how we used this infrastructure


3. Spartans don’t like «bad» data

Paco Orozco – Adevinta

We’ll be glad to share our journey, including the tech stack we used, options we dismissed, lessons learnt, and some actual findings from the latency-measurement data we are collecting.

4. Improving your Kubernetes DevOps implementation in complex scenarios

Juan Luis Buenosvinos – RedHat

We will introduce Ansible as the automation key technology to provide an API for every context of the model and show how we can implement a Kubernetes life-cycle on OpenShift.

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5. Centralized Logging Patterns

Philipp Krenn – Elastic

This talk presents multiple approaches and patterns with their advantages and disadvantages, so you can pick the one that fits your organization best

6. How fast can you DevOps Financial Services?

Aubrey Stearn – Nationwide Building Society UK

I want to tell you about the awesome innovations Nationwide Building Society UK have made and challenges we have overcome as a financial services institution, applying DevOps the right way, building a cloud platform.

Slides: no disponible aún

7. Resilient service-to-service calls in a post-Hystrix world

Rareş Muşină – N26

This talk will share the approach we are currently implementing and the tools we analyzed while making the decision.

8. Stories from the trenches: Migrating our cloud provider

Eduardo Gulias Davis – Packlink

In this talk I’ll cover a one and a half year journey at Packlink, where we migrated from cloud provider and in the way went from:

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