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Carlos Coronado Maleno

DevOps Barcelona 2019 – Día 3

Carlos Coronado 6 - junio - 2019 Sin comentarios

Hoy empezamos el último día con un refresco de los puntos de seguridad que debemos tener siempre en mente.

1. DevSecOps, stay away from being in the news

Irene Comalada – GFI
#security #hackers #devsecops

Have you ever heard of: ‘one apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Fact that makes each one of us responsible for doing a small action that should improve our life.

2. Continuous delivery for data science models

Raam Rosh Hai – Wonderkind

Tired of wrapping pickled models in server logic? me too! The biggest bottleneck in delivering machine learning services is the handover from data science to engineering.

3. Kubernetes event abnormality detection with Falco

Néstor Salceda – Sysdig
#kubernetes #security #anomaly #detection #falco

In this talk we’ll cover how we extended Falco to ingest events beyond just host system calls, such as Kubernetes audit events or even application level event

4. Managing Failure in a Distributed World

Nic Jackson & Erik Veld – HashiCorp

In this talk, Nic will walk through the areas of complexity in a system we will then look at what patterns you can employ to ensure performance and availability even in a failing world.

5. Monitoring OVH: 300k servers, 27 DCs and one Observability platform

Horacio González – OVH
#scalable #metrics

In this talk we will relate our experience building and maintaining OVH Metrics, the platform used to monitor all OVH infrastructure.

6. From DevTestOops to DevTestOps

Álex Soto – RedHat
#testing pyramid #test-in-production #canary-releases #dark-canaries

In this session, we will not only describe but also actively demonstrate several techniques that you can use immediately following the session for testing applications like unicorns.

7. Levering Kubernetes to run Kubernetes

Fernando Ripoll Lafuente – Giant Swarm

I will go through the key components of our design and how we apply DevOps practices to deliver value fast in a highly dynamic environment.

8. You cannot fight against what you cannot see

Jesús Chóliz – Adevinta
#security #monitoring #hacks

In this talk we want to show the architecture we have in place to monitor several different platforms from several different websites, with distributed teams, diverse technologies, using a pragmatic approach for investing a very reasonable effort and money

Monitor Web Request: WAF:
Monitor infrastructure: AWS CloudTrail
Monitor Server: OSSEC (Wazuh)
Monitor User: Logins: Same county/ip on differents users
Monitor Attackers: HonneyPot
Monitor Network: AWS Guard Duty (request to bitcoin server, root logins, TOR nodes, etc…)

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